Kinect while Pregnant...

I was wondering if anyone out there had a Kinect and had a good fitness that either had a pregnancy exercise program or was low impact and would be good for pregnancy!

We got it today and have the your shape game which has a post pregnancy option but not prenatal exercises.
By: icecat
Member since Oct 26, 2010
Posted: on Feb 14, 2011
I really like dance central - it's low impact from what I've seen so far, and a great way to work up a sweat!
By: Kenniibear
Member since Dec 20, 2010
Posted: on Feb 14, 2011
I played mine. Dr said its a great way to stay active.if i werent so busy i'd play it more often
By: bootsybaby
Member since Dec 03, 2010
Posted: on Feb 15, 2011
I play it all the time! Usually the dance game but I also play some on the adventures game. I don't do any jumping games or anything but the dance central is easy but still a great way to stay in shape :)
Avatar alw
By: alw
Member since Oct 20, 2010
Posted: on Feb 15, 2011
I was not active before i got pregnant and i play dance central all the time. Its low impact but makes you work up a sweat of course. I told my doctor this and she said theres no harm in doing this. Its def fun and a good way to stay active.
By: nwatson12
Member since Dec 07, 2010
Posted: on Feb 15, 2011
I have the zumba game for kinect! As long as you take it easy and pick and choose which dances you want it's safe and a great work out!!!

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