Pouring Nose Bleed!!!!

Ok i'm so freaked out right now excuse me if this is gross!!! I was just sleep in bed and awaken by a nose bleed!!!! It was litterally pouring blood all down my arms on upper thighs and shirt it's been about ten minutes now and it has slowed down but now it's coming outta both nostrils.....I have had nose bleeds before but never to thus extreme....did anyone ever have one like this I'm going to call my dr in am
By: ShanteR
Member since Jun 07, 2010
Posted: on Mar 03, 2011
Thank you so much I do feel a lil faint so that has to be it never had a blood pressure issue so I dnt have any idea wat to expect I was just so nervous
By: JoPhi
Member since Dec 11, 2010
Posted: on Mar 03, 2011
Nose bleeds can be associated with high blood pressure- I would go to your doc and get yourself checked out asap
By: ajrjtj
Member since Feb 07, 2011
Posted: on Mar 03, 2011
I never had nose bleeds, but with my first pregnancy I had them ALL the time and now, none. Although I'm 7 weeks I'm
Sure they will start again. Usually it occurs as there is more blood being pumped through the body and it makes the blood vessels more fragile and therefore causes them to rupture alot easier in the nose. Mine used to pour out and there was never too much concern, but go to doc just in case. But I'm sure you are fine.

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