high liver function test (LFT)

as some of you may know ive been moaning about coming out in the PUPPS rash in the past 2-3 weeks and itching all over. well i showed my midwife the rash n said i think it may be PUPPS, she had never heard of PUPPS :/ but decided to take some blood to check my liver function due to the intense itching... after hearing nothing bk i decided to ring my drs for the results yesterday as my pervious midwife has left to go to another region (bloody typical) at first they cudnt find the results but wanted me bk in on monday to do some more blood but i get a call bk after 5mins saying they have the results and they are high. i dnt have a clue what in the results are high or what it means!?

the receptionist said my dr thinks its ok for them to be high in late pregnancy tho :$ this hasnt settled with me at all well. i dnt want a "think" answer from my dr who left me in agony with endometriosis for 5yrs telling me it was IBS and very nearli made me infertile :-(

so what do i do about the results?? i want to kno more about why they are high and whats high in them... i did google it (probli a big mistake) and it kept telling me over and over again that a high LFT result is NOT normal and ok EXSPECIALLY in the 3rd trimester when associated with itching as it could lead to bad blood loss at birth and can be even fatal to LO :0 the majority of women get induced at 38weeks due to this.. completely paranoid now but dnt feel like its something i can leave till i get proper answers as il never forgive myself if something went wrong and it could of been avoided!
anyone had experience of this or know how i go about getting better answers?? could i ring the midwifes today if there open? and get them to check the results and tell me exactly wats goin on?? xx
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Posted: on Jul 08, 2012
Hi hun. There are lots of different levels they look at when they take liver function tests. Some rise in pregnancy which is completely normal, but the others should stay normal. Without knowing exactly which levels are high it's impossible to know exactly what is going on.

However, I would ring your labour ward and tell them everything that has happened. They may well want to get you in to repeat your bloods and monitor baby.

Raised liver function tests and itchiness in pregnancy can be something called obstetric cholestatsis which needs to be monitored as babies normally have to be induced no later than 40 weeks. For this reason it is important you find out for sure what is going on.

Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon.

If you have any other questions just let me know and I'll try and help as much as possible (I'm a doctor that works on the labour ward at my local hospital!!) xxx
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Posted: on Jul 08, 2012
as some one else said it could be obstetic cholitasis. I had this with my last pregancy... itchy all over especally on my hands and feet.. if youve got this then id raise the issue with ur midwife or doctor. or ring your maternity hospital and explain whats going on..

all that happened with me was I got regular blood tests to check lft and bile acid levels which basicly means if their high then ur liver is over producing its natural bile acid that goes around your body etc. thus resulting in itching.. but my consultant doc at the hospital booked me in for induction at 38 wks. only cause theres some reasurch linking this condition to still births and early labours.. but please dont worry as if this is ur condition then itll b monitored properly. I had regular monitoring on machines weekly also for movement and heart rate. was completly unnecessary as my little girl was fine.. but its just a precaution they take. as I said the risk of early labour etc is very very low.. also when I gave birth I did loose twice the amount of blood i was ment to but that was partly due to the placenta being a bit stuck so they had to do a little op to remove it. I also got put on vitamin k tablets which was ment to help with the bile acid levels i.think. or the prevention of blood loss. bit your doctor will explain all.

this pregancy has been completly fine tho no itching yet and I started about 29 weeks last time (im now 29 wks on Monday) but they are putting me on a drip thats prevents the bleeding during my labour when I do go in.

so honestly dont worry. most itching isnt anything serious but does need to.be checked out. my daughters 9 months now and as healthly as ever. xx
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Posted: on Jul 11, 2012
i went to the hospital were they did a re-test and im just waiting for the results. the dr said its definately not pupps even tho i have a strange rash. he actually asked me have i been rolling around in grass :-/ cudnt believe such a stupid question came out his mouth as you can plainly see by lookin at me that i can hardly roll out of bed! i got sent home with seriod cream and antihystamines for now till i go bk friday. im that close to 40weeks now that dd will probli b here b4 they even figure anything out xx

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