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April 18, 2011
Alt12 Apps boasts impressive download and usage numbers, with one post every five seconds
San Francisco-based start-up gains huge strides in mobile application market for women
San Francisco, CA – April 18, 2011 – Alt12 Apps, one of the leading publishers of fertility, pregnancy, and general health tracking mobile applications for women and families, continues to gain momentum in the market with users publishing one post every five seconds. The San Francisco-based start-up today announced that its two most popular apps, BabyBump and Pink Pad, have been downloaded for a combined total of more than one million times since September 2010. The popular pregnancy tracking apps see over 200,000 downloads per month.
BabyBump and Pink Pad also boast impressive user engagement statistics. BabyBump Pro sees 80 percent reuse within the first month compared to the industry standard where app reuse is typically less than five percent after the first day. Even after five months, BabyBump Pro still sees 50 percent reuse.
"We’re thrilled with these numbers," says Jennifer Wong, Alt12 CEO. "With one post every five seconds, our numbers aren’t that far from Instagram's, which sees roughly one photo posted every two seconds. Given our highly targeted demographic, this is remarkable."
BabyBump and Pink Pad are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and HP/Palm WebOS,and are ranked in the top 25 of the Health and Fitness categories on each of those platforms. They’re designed with native technology that enables deep user-to-user engagement and an integrated community experience. BabyBump is currently the most downloaded premium pregnancy app with a highly engaged community that has generated over two million posts in the last year alone.
Alt12 Apps also announced today the launch of companion Websites ( & that will further integrate its popular smartphone apps with rich online communities that connect women anywhere, anytime, on any device and at any stage of life. "People are clearly responding to our products and we’re listening to what they want," adds Wong. "On top of a rich mobile experience, they asked for a Web-based platform so friends and family without smartphones can follow their pregnancy. At the same time, they've told us that pregnancy is a private experience so we've added the ability to create groups." User-created groups can be as small as a family or as large as a regional birth club. With these new features, users can discover and make new friends while also forming private circles where they can feel comfortable sharing with others in the same stage of life.
"In general, we think the uptick in cloud-based services will continue to gain momentum as a way for families and friends to share life's most precious moments." she says. "We’re developing mobile and Web-based products that people want to use every day. We're not trying to fit a web page or cram a book of text into a mobile app. We’re going the extra mile and using native design to incorporate tracking features, an integrated community and the ability to capture and share memories and milestones across a variety of platforms and hardware."
About Alt12 Apps
Alt12 Apps is the leading developer of cross-platform mobile apps for women. Utilizing Sliprose™, a proprietary framework, the company delivers award-winning apps with rich native experiences, an integrated mobile community, compelling content and elegant design. Alt12 launched in 2009 with BabyBump™ the first pregnancy app to be deployed on multiple mobile platforms and the number premium pregnancy mobile app in the world. Alt12 Apps is headquartered in San Francisco, California.